Definician and Qualifications of the Anesthesia Technician :

The anesthesia technician is an integral member of the anesthesia care team.

• Assists the licensed anesthesia providers in various settings

• The anesthesia technician performs duties under the direct supervision of an anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist assistant and/or Registered Nurse (RN)

• The anesthesia technician provides support for routine surgical cases by assisting the anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist assistant, nurse anesthetist, and/or Registered Nurse in the preparation and maintenance of patient equipment and anesthesia delivery systems before, during and after anesthesia

• The anesthesia technician performs first level maintenance on anesthesia equipment

• The anesthesia technician cleans, sterilizes, disinfects, stocks, orders and maintains the routine anesthesia equipment and supplies

merican Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians
Standards of Practice

The anesthesia technician is an individual who has not met the requirements to apply for the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians national certification examination, or has met the requirements but has opted to not pursue the credentials of becoming a Certified Anesthesia Technician.

Anesthesia Technician Education:

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Milwaukee Area Technical College: Milwaukee, WI: Associate Degree in Anesthesia

Stony Brook University: BS in Health Sciences with a Baccalaureate in Anesthesia Technology

Sanford Brown Intsitiute:   The Anesthesia Technologist program at Sanford-Brown Institute - Pittsburgh

Anesthesia Technician

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